Launch Festival 2013 Interviews

Flyer | Issac and J.P. from tell us about their new app to create beautiful real estate flyers.

referralMD | Jonathan Govette from referralMD has a product that's helping the medical referral process catch up with technology.

Olly | Sheetal Walsh tells us about Olly, a new, family safe browser optimized for the iPad.

Carbon Motors | Stacey Stephens of Carbon Motors tells us how their Autonomous Surveillance Vehicle is going to change the face of public safety.

Vuact | Vuact tells us how their new platform measures audience engagement in real time.

Memories | Asi Ohana and Richard Green of tell us how their product helps us remember loved ones.

GonnaBe | GonnaBe founder Hank Leber tells us how his app GonnaBe helps you predict your social future.

Cloud2Health | Lisa Fitzgerald, co-founder of Cloud2Health discusses their Continuous, Connected Healthcare platform. | The guys from show off their awesome product that helps job seekers and employers connect.

NanoSatisfi | Chris and Nick from NanoSatisfi tell us how they're making space the next development platform.

Raise | George Bousis, of Raise explains how you can trade in your unused gift cards for gift cards you actually want.

OnAirPlayer | OnAir Player co-founder Daniel Vocke tells us about their distributed music player that makes playing music across multiple devices easier. | Chuks Onwuneme and Mika Passila, founders of discuss their upcoming venture that makes volunteering easier.

Plandree | Plandree founder Jerry Reynolds tells us about his collaborative vacation planner that allows you to pin and collect your vacation ideas, then plan together with friends & family.

Sphero | Will from Orbotix, makers of Sphero, a robotic ball gaming system for iOS and Android, shows off their gaming system.

GreenGoose | Brian Krejcarek, founder of GreenGoose tells us about his company's latest initiative, wireless toys that work with iOS apps.

LiveTrekker | Jean-Marc DeBaud with LiveTrekker shows us how his product can really capture your journeys in stunning detail.

Ubooly | Carly Gloge tells us about a highly interactive smart stuffed animal that works with iPhones and iPods, Ubooly.

Triptease | Charlie Osmond with Triptease talks about their beautiful approach to travel reviews.

Maestrano | The Maestrano guys have a new way to effortlessly run all your apps in the cloud!

EroGear | Anders Nelson of EroGear discuss their wearable LED display system.

WhatsBusy | Avkash Kana with WhatsBusy shows us how they can help you add years back to your life.

Bliips | Justin Jackson, co-founder of bliips, tells us about their new search engine, launching soon.

Parlor | Parlor founder and CEO Joel Schwartz explains how Parlor gives like-minded people a place to have a conversation about the things that they love.

Clef | Brennan with Clef explains how they are changing the way we user names and passwords work.

AudioAir | Doug Parmentier with AudioAir talks about creating an unmuted world.

Sales Fu | Josh Farkas with Sales Fu shows us their app to make super simple mobile sales.

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